A muntin is used in windows, doors and other furniture. A muntin is a strip of material, usually wood or metal, that separates a glass element, whether a door window or piece of furniture, into segments.

The bar not only segments the glass are, but also holds the glass in place and adds an architectural embellishment factor to the whole project.

What are the Different Types of Muntin?

There are many types of muntin and different ways this bar can be used. For example, the material a muntin is made out of will affect the way it looks. Most contractors, when using the bars, use metal for a gothic look and the wood for a more western style appearance.

The muntin bars are also called lytes or lites, astragals, glazing bars and a few others. In the United States it will often call it a grill. Whichever name they are called, they still produce a very attractive grid work on a piece of glass.