Myths About Gutterless Rain Gutters

Gutterless rain gutters claim to improve the aesthetics of your home by getting rid of unsightly downspouts and removing water from your roof faster and more effectively than traditional gutter systems. Gutterless rain gutters made by companies such as RainbreakerZ claim to be a revolutionary rainwater dispersal system that will not clog up with leaves or contribute to the development of ice dams. These systems use a plate system that is attached to the roof. This plate is designed to break up rain water and disperse it from the house causing it to fall away to the ground and not accumulate on the roof. This provides additional water for your plants and the product claims not to hurt shrubs and other plants that are underneath the gutterless rain gutters.

Myths Regarding Gutterless Rain Gutters

As for the myths of these systems, the question to ask is whether there is independent research that shows that these systems do not work as claimed. There does not appear to be any evidence that suggests that gutterless rain gutters work better than or are worse than traditional rain gutters. There may be validity to the claims made by the companies that sell gutterless rain gutters that they work better than the older systems and do not get clogged up with leaves or other debris.

Product Claims

Any claims made by a gutterless rain gutter should be held with some suspect as to whether or not the product works as designed. It is as easy, for example, for the holes in the gutterless rain gutters to become clogged with some debris that can cause them not to disperse water as designed. These holes can also freeze over during extreme winter temperatures that may result in the formation of ice dams. These 2 instances indicate that gutterless rain gutters may not be as reliable as advertised and can be subject to the same vulnerabilities as traditional gutter systems are. Leaves may also find their way on the plate and become lodged in a way that reduces the effectiveness of the product.

Determining the Effectiveness of Gutterless Rain Gutter Systems

The best way to determine how effective a gutterless rain system is is by seeking some third-party or independent review of the product that you may be looking to purchase. Consumer complaints, dissatisfaction and other information that may be provided by customers of the product are the first line to access in order to determine whether a gutterless rain gutter system works as advertised. Professional installers that work with rain gutter systems can also provide you with information and opinions regarding the effectiveness of a gutterless rain gutter system and whether the systems stand up to the claims made by the companies who manufacture these products.

Any myths that you may encounter regarding this type of product can be proved or disproved through your own research and asking questions of those customers and others who are familiar with the gutterless rain gutters that you are looking to install.