Nail Extraction with Claw Hammers

Claw hammers are the most popular hammers found in the home. This is a useful hammer for a house, as the hammer is often used for removing nails as often as it is used for putting them in walls. Some people struggle with removing nails with the claw hammer. Sometimes, they cannot pull the handle out. Other times, they ruin their wall (or whatever surface they are attempting to remove the nail from). By following these simple steps, you can remove a nail without damaging the surface, or yourself.

Materials Needed:

•Claw Hammer

Steps 1 – Get Under the Nail

The first step is to simply wedge under the nail. Sometimes, this can be done with the claw of the hammer. Other times, a box cutter or other object must be used to pull the nail slightly from the wall. This is the step that requires patience; moving slowly will ensure that you do not ding, damage, or scratch the surface. Take your time to simply pry under the nail.

Step 2 – Re-grip the Claw Hammer

Once you have a solid grip on the nail with the claw, you need to re-grip your hammer. People often contort their hand will fitting the nail into the claw. Re-grasp the handle of the hammer so that your hand is on top of the handle. This will allow you to get the best leverage for when you are actually trying to move the nail. To avoid damage, hold the hammer with the other hand while you remove and replace your dominant hand.

Step 3 – Attempt a Straight Pull

The first pull you should attempt when using a claw hammer to remove a nail is a straight pull. This will keep the hole small, and will remove the chance of scratching the surface. Simply attempt to pull the nail straight out, without any leverage. Some nails may come right out. If you need to pull with a large amount of force, stop. Pulling too hard will cause you to lose control once the nail finally does come out. This is an easy way to become injured, striking yourself with the hammer or piercing yourself with the nail.

Step 4 – Use the Head for Leverage

If the straight pull does not work, use the head for leverage. Place a cloth over the head of the hammer so that when it touches the surface, the cloth acts as a buffer. With your hand above the handle as before, pull down on the hammer. This will use leverage to attempt to pull the hammer out. The longer the hammer handle you have, the more force you will be able to exert when leveraging the nail out.

Removing a hammer with claw hammers is not difficult. While most methods will work, knowing exactly how to use the hammer will make for an efficient process. When trying to remove multiple nails, having the right technique is key for safe, secure speed.