Nail Into Concrete: 4 Tips

A nail driven into concrete.

It is a simple process to knock a nail into wood, but to nail concrete is a completely different matter. Concrete is a hard-set substance which is firm and durable. It will not take invasion easily, and hammering into concrete requires the right tools and process.

Tip 1 – The Right Nails

Use the correct nails when you intend on hammering them into concrete. Proper masonry nails (or concrete nail) are specifically designed to withstand the pressure of being hammered into a hard-set surface.

Tip 2 – The Correct Hammer

Use at least a two pound hammer. A heavy hammer will give the right amount of power and leverage behind it and create the exact force needed for the nail to penetrate the concrete.

Tip 3 – Powered Nail Gun

High air-pressured or electric nail guns will definitely get the job done. Before beginning, mark the area where the nail will be set and use the powered gun to force the nail into the concrete.

Tip 4 – Shanks

Choose the proper nails for your job. There are different lengths of concrete nail shank, and you should purchase the right type. The shanks have spiral patterns ingrained in them that help the nails penetrate and stay in the concrete.

Now you are all set to nail you next DIY project. That concrete will be no match for your new skills!