Natural Drain Cleaner for Home Use

Keeping your drains free from any clogs requires either harsh chemicals or a natural drain cleaner. Using commercial chemicals can cause severe damage to your drain pipes, the septic system, and even the soil that is leeches into. A natural drain cleaner will keep the drains clean, but also protect your pipes and the ground water.

Easy to Make Natural Drain Cleaner

There are plenty of different natural cleaners that can be made with regular household products. However, the easiest to make is with the combination of water, baking soda, and vinegar. By combining a half cup of baking soda, a half cup of vinegar, and to cups of water you can keep your drains clear and odor free.

Use on a Monthly Basis

Keeping your drains clean is a regular project that should be one at least once a month. Each month, mix the combination of products together and then pour it down the drain. Follow this with some hot water and the solution will work on any type of build up that is in the drain to eliminate clogs and odors.

Suitable Substitute

Besides the vinegar you can also use some lemon juice. It is a good idea to alternate the two items as you continue your monthly drain cleaning schedule.