Needed Insulation Materials for Pipes

It’s a very good idea to have insulation materials on hand to use to insulate the pipes in your home or business. If you don’t install insulation on your pipes, you run the risk of them freezing if the temperature drops far enough in the winter. It isn’t just a winter problem either; the lack of insulation on pipes also causes excess condensation to form on them in the summer as well. Here is some good information on insulation materials and how they can help save your pipes.

Sleeves that Go on Pipes

One type of insulation you can buy for pipes is called sleeves. The sleeves are usually made of some type of foam material. You can find them in sizes to match the size of your pipes, so be sure to measure the pipes before you go to the hardware store. The part of the pipe to measure is the outside. You want to be sure the sleeve goes on tightly to get the best results.

The sleeve type of insulation should be attached to the pipes with tape made for the purpose, wire, or it can also be put on with a clamp. If you are uncertain, ask the hardware store which one is best for the kind of pipes you own. Should your pipe be too large for one regular-sized sleeve, you can cut one open and use two of them, but be sure to tape it up to secure them and not leave any gaps.

Sleeve Wraps or Tape

Another type of pipe insulation material is wraps or special tape made for this purpose. These are reasonably priced and easy to put on the pipes. All you have to do is tape them around the pipes as needed. There are different kinds of these insulation materials, so look for the kind that is marked on the label that they are approved by Underwriters Laboratories for the best brands.

Insulation Materials Made of Foam

This kind of pipe insulation material is made of rubbery foam. It’s also easy to put on your pipes. All you have to do is wrap it around the pipes and then tape it up with the proper tape according to directions on the package. Foam is an excellent insulator and not very expensive.

Pipe Insulation Made of Fiberglass

Another possible type of pipe insulation material is fiberglass wrap. The fiberglass type first has to have plastic put over it, and then you put it around the pipes. You can use foil, tape, or wire to attach the fiberglass insulation to the pipes. Be careful and wear work gloves when handling this, because fiberglass can easily cut you with its glass-like particles.

All in all, no matter what kind you get, insulating your pipes is important. These are some of the kinds of insulation materials you can buy at the hardware store and install them on your pipes to protect them from the harshness of winter or the heat of the summer.