New Uses For Old Appliances

a dry stocked refrigerator

As technology evolves, so do the appliances in our homes, and everyone’s house ends up with items that stop working, get outdated, or simply are no longer needed. Instead of throwing these old appliances out, though, use them for something new!

Repurposing is better for the planet—without it, your old appliances may end up in landfills. Over a million discarded refrigerators currently claim residence in landfills, which is not ideal for the environment. With an estimated 12 million United States residents purchasing new refrigerators each year alone, imagine how many appliances overall are being discarded on a yearly basis.

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Instead of throwing out that no longer used coffee pot, use the carafe for some creative planting as a terrarium house. Add in sand, rocks, moss, and succulents. This will be a catchy, low maintenance conversation piece on your kitchen counter, and a cool way to support plants in your home.

Aquarium Microwave

Make the inside of your old microwave a home for your swimming friends by placing a cubed shape fishbowl in the inner cavity. This is definitely an interesting piece you’ll love having in your home—supporting marine life and preventing your old microwave from ending up in a landfill.

Blender Vase

Instead of recycling your blender, use yours as a vase to hold fresh flowers. The cup part of your blender is the perfect candidate for this and it will look great on a kitchen counter or table filled with beautiful blooms.

a coffee grinder with spices

Repurposed Coffee Grinder

If you find yourself with an extra coffee grinder, repurpose it as a spice grinder to get the most flavor out of your favorite spices.

Refrigerator Pantry

Pantries are a highly coveted home feature, but many kitchens were unfortunately built without them. Instead of going through the lengthy construction process to build one, use your old refrigerator as a unique place to store your spices and snacks. You can even spruce up the outside of your fridge by using chalkboard paint to make it a live message board within your kitchen.

Rice Cooker Towel Warmer

Have you ever wished you could hand your dinner guests a nice, warm hand towel for them to clean their hands wiith after a delicious meal? An unused rice cooker can make this possible. Roll up washcloths and place them in your rice cooker to quickly create warm towels you and your guests will love using.

Fridge Water Feature

This one's ambitious in scale, but fridges can easily be used to create a pond for your yard. Take off the doors and remove the interior shelves, then turn the fridge on its side and fill it with water and you have a picturesque pond. This can either be put in a hole in your yard so it appears as a part of the landscape or can sit above the ground. The wildlife in your neighborhood will love it!

a refrigerator repurposed as a pond

Unique Shower Decor

Wedding showers are usually meant to help a couple-to-be stock their new home with important household items, such as blenders, toasters, and so on. Collect old appliances and use them at a wedding shower as centerpieces, filled with flowers or simply on their own. You could even spray paint them to match your color scheme! Either way, they'll be a cool conversation piece for guests.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to live sustainably in order to help the planet live a long and healthy life. Repurposing household items is an easy way to live up to this. Explore other upcycling articles on our site to learn how you can do it in even more ways.