Update Your Kitchen Decor with New Cabinets

A white kitchen.

Cabinets rule the kitchen. When a guest walks into your kitchen, the first impression is all about the cupboards that line the walls. If the décor of your kitchen seems outdated or drab, it may be time to update the look with new cabinets. The trends in kitchen cabinets combine purpose with appeal as demanded by an evolution of savvy buyers.


Although one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make to update your kitchen décor, new cabinets are not just about appearance. Cabinets are an integral part of a kitchen’s functionality. Without cabinets, kitchens would be cluttered and chaotic. Kitchens are not just for cooking anymore, and buyers demand cabinets that flow with the rest of their home. Open floor plans bring rooms such as family rooms into full view of the kitchen. Blending new cabinets with your existing style gives the appearance of continuous flow and easy movement from one area of the house to the next, including the kitchen.


Updating means knowing what the trends in cabinetry include. Depending on your chosen style contemporary or traditional décor will play a major role in the selection of new kitchen cabinets. Contemporary looks exhibit clean lines that allow the eye to move in linear fashion. The light to medium woods gives a less formal look to cabinetry which appeals to a modernist. The simplicity of Shaker or Arts & Crafts furniture influences the contemporary look with unembellished lines. Buyers are opting for the streamlined look of slab doors, one piece of wood with no frame or moldings to inhibit the design.


A traditional style has more ornamentation and darker woods used to create a look of timeless beauty. French country, one example of traditional kitchen décor, has been at the top of the style heap for some time. Adding cabinet elements in mocha and chocolate hues will update the traditional look. The trend toward more elegant and formal kitchens is just beginning as white kitchens, although still in vogue, begin to lose ground. However, cherry wood cabinets, one of the mainstays of the classic kitchen, are going nowhere. The deep rich tones and nuances of cherry wood lend an enduring quality to any kitchen.


The eclectic style of decorating arrives in the world of kitchens with a mix and match of woods, colors and finishes coming into play. The cupboards on either side of the sink may be painted a favorite color, but the island is a rich cherry. No longer are buyers interested in one long row of upper and lower cabinets. Opening the kitchen up to light and keeping the space from looking overly top-heavy gives new meaning to the word functional. As upper cupboards become more of a display area for art and glassware, meticulously planned kitchens must make use of every bit of space available. Work areas designed with specific tasks in mind create working space like baking centers with a marble top for rolling out dough, and a place for baking supplies and tools all in one compact site.


The “unfitted” look highlights cabinets that look more like furniture pieces than a long row of cupboards. These features may be stand alone pieces that blend in with the rest of the home such as a chef’s pantry or a working island. This look is not a cookie cutter manufactured style, but a unique approach to individual lifestyles and needs.


The kitchen has morphed from its original operation as a work station into a gathering place for family and friends - the true heart of the home. Function is still key and finding ways to make the most of every inch has created new purposes for old ideas. Drawers make finding pots and pans much easier than the old style cupboards with lots of wasted space. Areas for everything from a wet bar to recycling are being built to make tasks simple in the complex kitchens of today. Dividers, shelves, and turntables continue their dominance making things easy to find.

The option of thicker doors has gone from ¾ inch to a full 1 inch to give a feeling of substance and quality. Glazed, distressed and antiqued finishes offer individual style to kitchen cabinets.