Nine Rustic Bar Designs

Lead Image for Nine Rustic Bar Designs

Whether you are seeking to add just a touch of rustic charm or create a complete log cabin look, it is a great way to enhance the look of home bar designs. Knowing what ideas to use to create this theme can make it an easy style to complete.

1 - Cabin Sign

Use a cabin sign as part of your bar design to help create a rustic look. Naming your home bar will also allow you the opportunity to purchase a personalized sign to put on display.

2 - Log Stools

Making use of bar stools that are completely made of wood is a good idea for this type of bar design. To create a look that is even more rustic, seek out stools that create a seat from a cross-section of a log and that don’t hide or disguise imperfections in the wood.

3 - Flooring

Instead of using carpet throughout, try stripping the floorboards and staining them before using area rugs where necessary. In the event that the floorboards are not suitable to be sanded, try laying laminate as an alternative so that you still get the wood effect.

4 - Games

Improve a rustic bar design by doing away with electronic games that do not fit in with the theme. Traditional games, such as skittles darts and board games, are better suited to a rural-style bar.

5 - Bar Top

A large carved wood bar can be the focal point of a rustic bar design, looking even better with the addition of cabinets and shelves that are made from the same wood. Designs can be carved into the wood according to your own tastes to make your home bar your own and to make it unique.

6 - Beams

Exposed roof beams are a possibility depending on the position of your bar and the age of your home. However, even if these are not in place, the look can be faked by adding beams to the existing ceiling. This can make the room appear smaller and, consequently, make it a more cozy and homely place to be.

7 - Fireplace

Installing a fireplace cannot only give you a great heat source but will also add to the rustic look of your home bar. It can be created as a focal point for a home bar design, emphasized by wrought iron and wooden table and chairs in front of it to create a place to relax.

8 - Wainscoting

Adding wainscoting to plain walls will help to add a rustic look and feel to a home bar. The many types available will enable you to find one that is as simple or ornate as you desire, and made from a wood that suits the rest of your home bar.

9 - Additional Furniture

Besides the stools and bar top that you will find in a bar, use handmade wooden furniture for the rest of your home bar design to create a real log cabin feel. Rocking chairs, coffee tables, lamp stands, side tables, and benches are all available to add a rustic feel to your bar.