Non-Slip Floor Covering

Installing non-slip floor covering can provide you with a much safer flooring surface to walk on. This is essential for many elderly people that are in danger of falling on a slick floor. Here are a few options that you have for non-slip floor covering.


Carpet is one of the most basic forms of non-slip floor covering available. You can get in a variety of different styles and colors and it is one of the least expensive options. There is even outdoor carpet that you can use if you are worried about falling in an outdoor space.


Another great option that you have for non-slip floor covering is to use tile. Many ceramic and porcelain tiles have very rough finishes that would be ideal for a non-slip flooring surface. Some tiles are even made with tiny ridges with this in mind. This is going to be more expensive than carpet.

Rubber Flooring

Another great option for a non-slip flooring surface is rubber flooring. Rubber flooring provide you with great traction and durability. Many people use this in garages and workout rooms. Rubber flooring is very heavy and will be a little more difficult to install than some of your other options that are available.