9 Carp Fishing Tackle Box Essentials

There are many things that you need to have inside of you carp fishing tackle box. The following items will make your fishing trip even more exciting and memorable. Remember to plan ahead of time and to look for these items carefully.

1 - Extra Hook and Line

It is always a good idea to bring an extra set of line and also at least one extra hook. There are many times when your carp will be too strong, and it can break your line, taking your hook with it. For this reason, you need to have at least a set of extra line and hook or you may have to go home early. Also, remember to have hooks of different types and lines that are strong.

2 - Carp Fishing Knife

Your knife might be one of the most useful and versatile things you need to have in your bag. This is one of the most essentials items. With this knife, you can slice your fish, cut the line, open cans, and so much more.

3 - Bring a File

A file is one of the essential items in any carp fishing box in case your knife becomes dull. The file is important in the event that your knife becomes dull or that the hooks become dull.

4 - First Aid Kit

If you are planning to take a fishing trip, it is always good to be prepared and take a first aid kit. You need to include different items like medicine, antibiotics, pain killers, bandages. These can come in handy in the case that you get injured.

5 - Pliers

Pliers are a very important element that should always be in your carp fishing box. The pliers can allow you to unhook the fish from the hook. You can cut the hook and the line with the pliers.

6 - Landing net

You need a landing net to catch carp. The landing net needs to be above 42 inches. The mesh needs to be sturdy and stable, and it should not allow the carp's fins to get caught in it.

7 - Bait

Carp fishing bait is a type of bait that has an strong odor in order to lure the fish into biting.

8 - Carp unhooking mat

There are many different kinds of carp unhooking mats. Some of these mats are highly sophisticated. Remember to buy a mat that has high sides in order to keep the fish from falling onto the hard ground and getting damaged.

9 - Carp fishing reels

There are different kinds of carp reels. You can get a fixed spool reel or a bait runner reel. The spool reel is one that is most likely set up with a clutch underneath a breaking strain where the line is. The bait runner is best to use when you are fishing on a high wind condition or when the carp is a fierce fighter. A good bait runner will keep your line from getting tangled.