6 Common Central Air Conditioner Problems to Avoid

It is important to have a central air conditioner that remains in good working order if you live in a high heat temperature zone. Air conditioners are built to be sturdy, but if maintenance is neglected, the system can be compromised and problems may develop. Check out the information and preventative measures below to avoid these problems.

Air Conditioner Failure

Your air conditioner may simply shut down without any warning or indication of what the problem may be that's causing it. The most likely cause will be inadvertent interruption of power to your system. You can avoid this from happening frequently by checking your circuit breakers and fuses when there is a shut-down. If the system failure continues, get help from a qualified AC repair technician.

Also, you can avoid this problem by using your AC less often in hotter weather. When the system compressor becomes overheated it's switch is more likely to trip off. To avoid this situation, try keeping your thermostat a few degrees warmer than you would, otherwise.

Evaporator Coil Frost

In weather cooler than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, frost is more likely to accumulate on the system's evaporator coil. You can often prevent a system malfunction by preventing this frost buildup. Check your coils frequently to find and remove frost on your evaporator coils.

Refrigerant Leakage

Low refrigerant levels can often be the result of leaks in an air conditioning system. You can avoid inefficient system operation by frequently checking your system refrigerant level during warmer months. These levels must be in strict accordance with factory recommended refrigerant levels, neither lower nor higher.

System Noise

Unfamiliar noises in your system are often caused by dirt on your system's compressor fan blades. You can avoid these noises by performing a regular cleaning of your fan blades. To avoid a re-occurrence of these noises, turn off the power to the system, then wipe off the compressor blades with a clean cloth.

Water Leakage

System failure could be caused by a water leakage inside the system's cooler. Generally, this kind of leakage inside the unit will be caused by a frozen cooling coil, which in turn is caused either by insufficient air flowing into the system or a low refrigerant charge. To avoid this problem, watch for frost buildup.

Cooling Failure

If your unit is running but the air doesn’t seem to be getting cooler, it could be because your system needs to be cleaned. If cleaning doesn’t seem to help, your problem may be that the unit’s condenser is out of refrigerant. Or, it could be a defective compressor. You can usually isolate the problem by touching the larger of the copper pipes on the condenser. If the pipe is warm to the touch, the problem is most likely low refrigerant or a bad compressor.

You can avoid many problems in your system by keeping system components clean. Sometimes, because of a clogged filter, the refrigerant line will become frozen and create airflow problems. You can often avoid calling a repairman by simply turning off your system and allowing its frozen or frosted components to thaw. Call a technician if system clogging continues to happen.