3 Home Security Monitoring Systems To Consider

White wireless security camera

As home invasion robberies continue to increase, homeowners are growing increasingly aware of the need for home security monitoring systems. Not only can installing a home security system provide a homeowner with peace of mind about the security of their family and possessions, but they may also be pleased to discover they can possibly receive a discount on their homeowners insurance.

1. CCT Wired Cameras

Several decades in the past, the newest innovation in home security was the advent of closed circuit television (CCT) wired camera systems for the home. This type of security system is still available today for homeowners.

CCT systems require mounting at least one, if not several, cameras around the home and running cables from the camera to the primary router. This is usually connected to a home computer or television monitor. These systems may also have video recorders connected to them, providing an extra layer of security and evidence should a home invasion occur.

2. Wireless Home Security Cameras

woman installing a security camera

Wireless home security cameras are one of the newest innovations in home security. These cameras can be inexpensive, particularly when compared to traditional CCT wired cameras. A start up system can cost less than $100.

Wireless cameras can be installed almost anywhere around the inside or outside of the home. They are extremely small and often undetectable to home invaders. They can be installed in outdoor light fixtures, landscaping, stereo speakers, clocks, or pinhole locations around your home.

Wireless cameras need to be installed close enough to the home base or camera receiver to get the information being transmitted.

3. Internet Home Security Camera Systems

Robber breaking into a home

Similar to wireless home security cameras, internet cameras are very small and can be installed in innocuous locations around the home. For the most part, unless a person knows that the camera is present, they have no idea they are being watched.

Internet security cameras have an added layer of security because images from the camera can be viewed from any computer connected to the internet. This means that a homeowner can view what is happening in their home from work. This is a particular benefit for parents with children at home after school or who have home healthcare workers taking care of older parents. Additionally, if an actual home invasion robbery is taking place, the homeowner can be alerted by watching their internet home camera feed and call the police right then.

Recently, a Florida homeowner checked her internet home security camera from work and discovered that her home was being robbed. She immediately called the police and was able to watch the home invaders being arrested. It is just this kind of security that many homeowners are looking for in their home security system.

For many homeowners, a home security system offers more than a discount on their homeowners insurance. It offers them peace of mind that they can keep closer watch for potential home invasion crimes that may take place around and in their homes.