6 Loft Bedroom Color Scheme Tips

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Decorating a loft bedroom can be a mix of both creative freedom and constraints. You can choose from several different color schemes, but they must fit in with the overall theme of the room. The furnishing, floor coverings, and flow of the rest of the house will all have to be included within your choice for color schemes for your loft bedroom.

A Loft Bedroom?

In a small home or a home you are outgrowing because of new additions to your family, you will need to have new living space. However, this can be costly when you start thinking about new additions. One of the best ways to add new living space, and especially a bedroom, is by remodeling an existing space. Open lofts can be made in attics, basements, unused upper floors, and even garages. They make great bedrooms and minimize costs because they already exist.

Color Scheme

When you think about remodeling an area into a loft bedroom, you will need to think about the color scheme you will use. Depending on the style--retro, modern, contemporary--there will be different choices for each. Colors can range from dark to bright to eclectic in nature. Do not make a rush decision on the colors you want to use for your loft bedroom. Take your time and look at many different samples and color combinations in the time you have before making your choice.

Open Area

Most lofts are open to the general view of anyone who enters your home. With the exception being a basement or garage conversion, a loft is open. The color scheme you pick should be one that is also compatible with the rest of the surrounding rooms. If you are thinking about a modern feel to your loft bedroom, make sure the colors coordinate with the surrounding area, otherwise the color scheme will look completely out of place.

Soft Colors

A loft bedroom is going to be a place where you will be spending most of your time sleeping. Since it is open to the area, you will probably be spending more time out in the general living space. For this reason, you should use colors that are soft and muted in nature. This doesn't mean dark colors. What it does mean is colors that are not too bright, but those that will add quality to the space.

Keep Colors to Minimum

When designing a new loft bedroom it is important to keep the colors you use to a minimum. While you do not need to keep things to a basic white (unless this is the colors of the surrounding areas) you should limit your choices to one or two colors.

Choose Matching Colors

Furniture, rugs, mats, window coverings, and even bedspreads should blend with the overall color scheme. Choose your room accessories by how they will complement the other colors in the loft bedroom. If you have a soft yellow as the color of your walls, choose colors in a combination of both brown, orange, and greens or varying shades of those colors.

Have Fun

Choosing color schemes should not be a stressful event, but one where you can let loose a little with your own creativity. Have fun with the colors, but keep in mind that it is a bedroom and is probably open to the rest of the house.