3 Tips On Growing Lime Trees

Having your own lime tree can be a wonderful addition to any home or garden. Growing a lime tree isn’t difficult with the right care.

Temperature Is Important

Make sure that the area where you choose to plant your lime tree receives full sun. Lime trees like to receive at least ten hours of sun per day. If you're having trouble finding a full sun spot in your yard, you might consider using light reflectors. Lime trees shouldn't be planted outside in areas where the temperature dips below 40 degrees in the winter.

Proper Nutrients

Lime trees suck up the nutrients in the soil quickly, so you'll need to supplement every couple of months. Phosphorus and nitrogen are the two things that you'll need to add to the soil every couple of months. Phosphorus helps the plant to produce blossoms for fruit, and nitrogen helps with overall plant health. Check the acidity level, because it might need a boost every now and again.


Lime trees like well draining soil, so the roots can take what they need while the water is working its way past them. If the tree is over-watered the leaves will start to fall off, and mold can form in the soil. Over-watered trees will not produce much fruit. If you're unsure of how much water to use, you can purchase a moisture meter to help you out.

Use these tips as well as proper pruning techniques to help ensure healthy and  fruitful lime trees.