4 Ways to Secure Your Gun Cabinet

Installing a gun cabinet is an effective way to protect firearms from potential thieves or untrained hands. All gun storage units or gun vaults need to be properly secured.

Step 1: Size

Gather together all firearms in order to determine the size of the storage that will be needed. For a large gun collection it might be necessary to install a gun vault, but for the smaller collections then a sturdy gun cabinet will suffice.

Step 2: Design

A gun cabinet needs to be strong, and should ideally be made from metal with heavy hinges and locks. Check the gun cabinet thoroughly to ensure that it cannot be easily dismantled.

Step 3: Location

Most gun storage units should be in a discreet location such as a garage. If the firearm collection is made up of antique guns which are intended to be displayed, then it is important to ensure that the storage unit isn’t near any windows or doors as this will provide a welcome invitation to wondering thieves.

Step 4: Security

For additional security, thread a thick metal chain through each of the guns and fasten them with a steel lock. Install additional locked drawers to house ammunition and trigger keys.