nv2 How to Draw Mosaic Patterns

What You'll Need
Grid Paper
Felt tipped pen
Water colors or crayons

Creating a mosaic pattern can show you how mosaic tiles will appear when they are installed on a particular surface. Drawing a mosaic pattern is not that difficult; however, it will require some practice. So, here is a guide to show you how get started drawing mosaic patterns.

Step 1 – Decide a Pattern for Your Mosaic

If you have an idea or know the sort of pattern you want to produce, draw it on a piece of grid paper the same size and shape as the surface the mosaic will occupy. Draw the outlines only.

Step 2 – Choose Tiles or Tile Replacements

If you are new to mosaics, you may have a problem envisioning how the tiles will fit together. To help work this out, you can use the tiles themselves or cut pieces of card board that are the same sizes as the tiles.

Step 3 – Lay the Tiles out on Your Outline Image

Using the tiles or the cardboard cut outs lay the tiles so that they fill in most of the major shape areas on your drawing. Mark each tile or piece of card board with the first letter of the color you will use to color that area so you know where the different colors start and end. Remember, the tiles will not be fitted flush against each other, but will have grout between them.

Step 4 – Shape Tiles

Look at the tiles in your outline and see where some will have to be cut to fill in empty spaces. Make sure that the cuts you want to make are possible with type of the tiles that you are using. If you have a selection of pre-cut tiles, use them to fill in the gaps in the pattern.  

Step 5 – Check the Pattern

If you are happy with the way the pattern appears, you can draw around each of the tiles with a broad felt tipped pen so that the position is transferred onto your image. Remove each tile as you draw round it.

Step 6 – Color the Pattern

Use water paints or crayon to color the pattern so that you will see what the mosaic will look like when it is done.

Step 7 – Scaling Down

If it is not convenient to use a piece of paper the size and shape of the mosaic, you can scale it down. If, for example, it you use a piece of paper half the size of tile project, then you would use cut outs tiles half the size of the real thing. Grid paper is excellent for helping to scale your drawing up or down.

Step 8 – Practice

Once you have drawn a few patterns, you will have learned how the tiles work together. Then, you should be able to draw a pattern directly onto the paper without needing to draw around tiles or cut-outs. This will save a lot of time and allow you to concentrate more on the design and less on the mechanics.