Odor Removal Bags for Attic Storage

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Do you find that your attic storage space is stuffy and smells? This is probably because there isn't much air circulating in your attic. The lack of fresh air moving through the space can create unpleasant odors.

Some homeowners open windows a few times of the year to remove the smell. Others add air fresheners to add fragrance to the attic storage space. Though these methods work temporarily, the air continues to grow stuffy and the unpleasant smells return. Odor removal bags for attic storage spaces are small mesh bags filled with volcanic crystals. These crystals absorb smells and keep the air fresh and clean.

How the Bags Work

The volcanic crystals in the bag carry an ionic charge. This ionic charge allows the crystals to absorb the odors and keep the air in your attic storage space fresh and clean. One of these small, mesh bags has to be hung in an inconspicuous area of your attic. Once in place, it will automatically begin freshening the air. To keep the volcanic crystals working properly, you should expose them to sunlight twice per year. The sunlight recharges the crystals.

Benefits of Odor Removal Bags

Besides being able to keep the air in your attic space fresh and clean, odor removal bags are non-toxic. You don't have to expose your family or belongings to dangerous and harsh chemicals. Additionally, the bags are reusable.