Office File Cabinets: Wood vs. Metal

Regardless of the quantity of documents that you need to store, you will find that office file cabinets are suitable components of office furniture. In addition to considering them for practical use, you will also need to compare wood examples to metal to ensure you obtain the right type for your purposes.


Consider the weight of the items that you will be storing in the office file cabinets, which is an important determination with respect to how durable the cabinets will be. Take into account the fact that wood is often more vulnerable to damage from excessive weight and other external factors. Metal cabinets will often prove stronger and able to last longer.


If you are keen on adjusting the look of office file cabinets, you will find that the possibilities are greater when it comes to wood. Paint, varnish and stain are easy to apply to wood to change the look, while metal will require more specialized surface treatment.


Wooden office file cabinets will often require more maintenance as the material is more subject to splitting and cracking than metal. However, this will often be relatively easy to repair by replacing sections of the cabinet. There may be occasions when rust-proofing treatment is necessary for metal cabinets.