Old House Remodeling Ideas

Person sizing up an outdated kitchen for a renovation.
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House remodeling is a job that most homeowners hate to think about. Unfortunately, you cannot help but set upon a house remodeling project especially if it is an old house. An old house, on the other hand, can be very fun to take on as a remodeling project. There are many ideas that one can take on and achieve rather simply when trying to remodel the interior of an old house. Think of an old house remodeling project as working with a clean slate. What follows in this article is a shortlist of some house remodeling ideas that you can do for an old home.

Wall Color and Dimension

One of the most overlooked house remodeling projects you can do is to change the walls. This does not mean, however, that you grab a sledgehammer and start putting holes through them. The simplest change you can make is to throw a coat or two of paint on the old walls. If you do not feel like painting the walls, then you can wallpaper them instead. Wallpaper is growing in popularity again, and there are many modern options available. Adding wainscoting to the walls is a 3D change that adds dimension and architecture to the room. Other wall changes include adding crown molding or wood trim to the baseboards.

Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is a focal point in most homes and is important to the overall value of the home. Updating the kitchen is not an easy remodeling project, but the rewards are well worth the effort and finished results. And the best part is that it can be accomplished little by little. The most obvious change that you can make is to replace any outdated appliances. Flooring can be updated to something that is more durable like stone or tiles. Counters can be redone with limestone or other rock that looks beautiful and adds value. A somewhat inexpensive project is cabinet refacing.

New Hardware

Many older homes will often have outdated hardware that looks its age. Hardware will often be tarnished, rusty, corroded, or just plain dirty. New hardware for the bathroom, the kitchen, and around the house are vast in style and cost. With all of the possible designs and styles available, there is no reason to not fully outfit the home with new hardware that works with the rest of the home's style, or simply updates it.

Room Conversion

House remodeling can take many twists and turns that you may not expect at first glance. Old homes were sometimes built with more rooms than what was actually needed. These could be extra bedrooms, a den, an office, or a maid's quarters. A simple room conversion would be to simply move furniture around or change the orientation of the furniture that is already present. This is, of course, the most basic of room conversion. Another possible room conversion can involve knocking out entire walls to enlarge the room or add doorways to do the same thing.