Operating An Outdoor Fountain

What You'll Need
Water Pump

Do you like the thought of an outdoor fountain running water down a cascading waterfall with its soothing sounds? Have you even taken the plunge and had one built, or installed, in your backyard garden? An outdoor fountain is a great outdoor accessory that can add a tremendous amount of style, beauty, and value to your landscaping. Operating an outdoor fountain is something that does require a little getting used to, in order to ensure that it works efficiently and properly.

Step One-Choose the Right Water Pump for Your Outdoor Fountain

In order to make the water circulate through the fountain you are going to need a small water pump. Choosing the right water pump is the biggest decision you will have to make. If you choose one that is too big it will splash the water out of the fountain. If you choose one that is too small, it will not move enough water to keep it free of any algae or keep it filtered properly.

Choose a pump that is rated for outdoor use. This will be designated with a WT beside the model number or name. Measure the length of the distance that the water will have to travel in order to find a pump that is strong enough for your fountain. When shopping for the pump, the height it will push the water should be higher than that of the distance the water has to travel.

Step Two-Fill With Water and Let Circulate

Add a little bit of water to the water basin and then turn the pump on. Prime the pump so it will start circulating the water. As the water begins to flow, continue adding it until the bottom basin is almost full. You don't want to fill it completely. When the pump is not working, the water will all settle back to the bottom basin. Too much water and it will overflow. Keep the bottom water basin about 2 inches from the top of the edge.

Step Three-Set a Timer on the Pump

You don't need to run the pump 24 hours a day. Running it during the daylight hours is recommended, but at night it you can let the water settle. Install a timer on the pump. Connect the wires from the electrical supply to the timer and then run them to the pump. This will automatically turn the pump on and off during the day.

Step Four-Do Not Run When Water Is Frozen

In areas where the temperature stays below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time you should drain the water and remove the pump so it will not be damaged by freezing and thawing. In other areas where the temperature has a possibility of freezing over during the night, but thaw in the day, you can continue running the fountain. Do not run the pump when the water is frozen. Wait for the water to thaw out completely before turning the pump on.