Optimizing Your Counter Space for Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances like coffee machines, toasters, food processors and mixers are the essential efficiency tools of a modern household. But however much time they save for the cook, the average assortment of appliances compete for limited counter space, resulting in a cluttered kitchen with no place to work.

Display only Appliances You use on a Daily Basis

Even during busy cooking times like the holidays, you seldom use all your appliances at once. Make counter space available only for appliances you use on a daily basis like the coffee maker and toaster. More specialized appliances should be stored in low cabinets that are easily accessible or in the butler's pantry if you are lucky enough to have one. This will also protect your appliances from accumulating the dust and cooking grease that comes to rest on kitchen counters.

Implement Organizational Tools

There are numerous organization tools designed for kitchen storage that will help you optimize your counter space. Consider buying portable metal rack shelves to organize more kitchen appliances in a single space.

Another popular accessory is a mobile station like a baker's rack that have storage shelves and can be wheeled around when needed. These stations provide racks and shelves for storage and may have a butcher block surface for food prep.

You may also consider permanently installing a power strip on your kitchen counter so numerous appliances can be plugged in to the same place simultaneously without forcing you to search for free outlets.