Opting for Solar Roof Vents

Roof vents are an important part of a home that has big implications on the overall energy bill. These vents help to remove the heated air in the attic through the use of fans that draw the air up. In homes where there are roof vents installed, the energy bill is under control and the house heats, and cools, more efficiently. A solar roof vent is another option for homeowners to choose from if they would like to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Solar Powered Roof Vents

For many years, the only way that you could have a roof vent with a fan in it was to connect it to the home's electrical supply. While this is not going to increase bills considerably, there will be an increase. This is most often found during the summer months. A solar powered roof vent will save on the electrical bill while also keeping the attic cooled off.

Savings With Solar Roof Vents

The electrical bill savings are not the only way that solar roof vents can put money back into your pocket. Many homeowners experience a savings of about 10% on their electrical bill over the year because of the solar roof vents. However, there are also other savings included that are sometimes not factored into the equation. Things like savings on repairs needed because of moisture damage and savings on installation costs. The solar powered roof vents can be easily installed by a do it yourself homeowner without any problems.

Benefits of Solar Powered Roof Vents

Besides the savings of the solar powered roof vents, there are other advantages that make them popular among many homeowners. The most important is that they do not use any power from the electrical grid. This means that you lower your carbon footprint while still being able to protect your home from the heat and moisture in the attic. The solar roof vent is also easy to install because there is not worry about hooking up wires.

Disadvantages of Solar Powered Roof Vents

Along with the good of solar powered roof vents, there are also a few disadvantages that can make a big difference. Solar powered roof vents work through the use of the sun's energy. If there isn't any sun, then the vent is not going to be working. This can be helped through the use of batteries, but that requires more expense. Another problem is the actual cost of the solar powered roof vents. This type of vent is going to be more expensive than an electrical powered vent. This cost is negligible as it will be paid back through energy savings.

Location Dependent

Because the solar powered roof vent needs to have sun in order for it to operate it is very location dependent. Homeowners who live in areas where there is a lot of sun during the summer days, with little cloud cover, will benefit the most. Solar roof vents in the northern climates will not give the benefits that one in the southern areas will enjoy. Before purchasing a solar roof vent, make sure that your home will benefit from its use.