Options for Covering Concrete Walls

Your options for covering concrete walls should be explored since concrete is a material that is durable and is used as a foundation for almost all building constructions. Because of its sturdiness and weight, it is able to give extra support on a building against natural calamities such as earthquake or damages done by the weather. But though it is resistant to damages, concrete walls may also be difficult to decorate. A number of different covering design ideas could be utilized in order to make your concrete walls warmer and more attractive.

Painting Your Concrete Walls

Paint is one of the most utilized methods of covering concrete. You can apply the paint as you would to any other wall although a primer is always recommended in order to prevent concrete grayness from bleed through. It would also help in coating the surface more evenly. Before you can get the right appearance, you will probably need to apply more concrete to concrete than on standard plaster. If you have a carpet covering on your floor, choose a paint color that will match the color of the carpet. If this is not possible, at least choose a color that will not make the room look drab. Colors such as cream, blue, chocolate brown or yellow can be very effective.

Hanging Artwork

Hanging artworks is another of your options in covering up a concrete wall. Choose one that can brighten the room as well as one that you can enjoy. Your choice of artwork will of course depend on your taste and preference. Hence, you will be able to impart some of your personality to a room. There are also a number of ways that you can use to hang photos and paintings on a concrete wall. A strong drill and a masonry drill bit can be used to drill holes into the wall, which will allow you to install brackets and hooks. If it is not possible to drill into your concrete wall, you can use a strong adhesive instead. However, take note that adhesive may not be able to hold as much weight as a drilled hook or bracket, so if you are hanging a particularly heavy object, drill a hole instead.

Putting Up Posters

Another effective method on covering up a concrete wall is to make use of posters. This is especially effective if the room or basement serves as the game or entertainment center in the house. Posters that show sports or movie scenes can be installed directly into the wall by a tape. However, taped posters may have to be re taped every now and then. If you want your posters to be more attractive, you can frame them and hang them in the same way as artworks. Posters can be chosen for their visual match to the rest of the room décor or you can choose one that fits your personal preference such as a favorite musician, film or athlete. Coordinate the colors of the poster with the rest of the room so that you can have more appealing visuals in your interior.