Options for Granite Countertop Edges

There are several types of granite countertop edges. Granite is a preferred material for countertops because of its quality, functionality and stylish appearance. Choosing the most suitable edge profile can further complement your room interior design. However, the price of edges can vary greatly as you move from basic cuts to premium edge profiles.

Eased or Straight Edge

This is the most basic and least expensive cut. Its edge is basically straight with corners broken or smoothed a bit to ease sharpness.

Round Edge and Beveled Edge

The round edge, as its name implies, is slightly rounded (but not as round as the bullnose) either at the top portion or at both top and bottom portions. The curve’s depth can also vary. The beveled edge, on the other hand, has an angular cut on the top corner or on both top and bottom corners.

Bullnose Edge

The bullnose has a very rounded and soft edge. The depth of the cut may vary. This has a lot of variations as well, some of which are the demi, half or full bullnose.

Ogee and Other Premium Edges

Premium edges are more expensive than the basic cuts mentioned above. The most popular of these is the ogee. From the top, the ogee arches inward and then arches outward, creating a graceful S-like edge. From these designs come other variations like the ogee bullnose, half ogee, flat ogee and waterfall style edges.