Options for Heating Your Bathroom Floor

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Stepping on a cold bathroom floor tile is a cruel experience to start the day. Given the constantly rising prices of natural gas and electricity, it is hardly a wonder that many households in former socialist countries have given up central heating; however, the heating tubes in the bathroom become ice cold in winter. So do the tiles. No one wants to start the day with a cold shave or shower. That is why bathroom floor heating solutions are so important.

As floor heating has been around for about a century now, you will certainly have a wide range of bathroom floor heating solutions from which to choose. Keep these factors in mind while choosing a floor heating system for the bathroom.


You don't want to spend a fortune heating the floor. An electric radian system costs between $400 and $700, including installation. More importantly, this system consumes as much electricity as three 100-watt light bulbs

Architectural Design

Tiles, marble, and stone are great heat conductors; however, you should consider the thickness of your floor. The thicker the floor, the longer it will take for the system to heat it.

Local Building Codes

Building codes are based on the principles of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and environmental sensitivity. Most new floor heating systems are created in keeping with these principles. They can be easily adjusted to use renewable energy sources.

Radiant Heat Systems

Radiant Heating systems are set up so that the warmth is generated beneath the floor by a network of hot water tubes or electric wires. Such systems are relatively easy to install and quite affordable. Since radiant heat doesn't produce direct greenhouse gases and uses little energy, either radiant heat system is among the most environmentally friendly bathroom floor heating solutions.

The Cost-Effective Open Direct System

Of all radiant heat systems on the market, the open direct system is the most cost-effective because it uses the same hot water source as the bath and laundry. These systems can also run on solar energy.

Closed Radiant Heat System

With a closed radiant heat system, the bathroom floor becomes warm when the hot water pump is turned on by a thermostat. The pump sends hot water from the boiler to the hot water tubes which are under the flooring.

Other Types of Radiant Heat Systems

Some radiant heat systems use electricity to heat the bathroom floor. This solution is also known as in-floor cable electric heating. Depending upon the size of your bathroom, you may choose between 120 and 240-volt kits.

This system uses a network of wires built into the floor to heat your bathroom. Some companies offer multi-purpose heated floor mats that can be used to heat the floor of your bathroom. These mats also have an anti-slip system and a cushioned surface. Unlike other floor heating systems, the heated floor mats do not have maintenance costs, and you can store them during the summer months.