Options for Installing Automatic Door Closers

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There are a number of different types of automatic door closers on the market, all of which offer some advantages over the others. Choosing a type of door closer will depend very much upon your own personal needs, as well as tastes in matters of design and style. There are also other divisions that can help you decide how to install your door closers, depending upon the amount of space that you have, and where the door closer will be. These types of door closers can either be concealed or mounted onto the surface. Choosing between these can sometimes be very difficult.

Surface Mounted Door Closers

You can find a number of different types of surface-mounted closers, including those which are overhead closers, such as the top jamb mounted. You can also get parallel arm mounts, slide track arms, and regular arms. These types of surface-mounted door closers are often seen on the sides of shops, or around the doors of public buildings, as they help to close the door after people, keeping warm air inside. If you are looking for a commercial door, these are probably the most suitable for your needs.

Regular Arm Closers

These types of automatic door closers, also known as standard arm closers, are fitted closely onto the pull side of the door. Unlike some models of door closers, this type can not be fitted onto the outswing doors, Instead, they pull the door shut after a person has walked through them, and the speed at which they close can depend upon adjustments to the hinge and cylinder. When you are looking for basic door closer, this is pretty simple.

Parallel Arm Closers

This works in a very similar way to the regular arm closer but is not as closely mounted as them. They are also not quite as strong as your regular arm closer, although it has advantages in that it looks more attractive when it is closed, since the arm stays in parallel to the door when closed, unlike the regular arm which sticks out from the door after closing. Although not the strongest, they are certainly tough enough to close most commercial doors when necessary, and this is suitable for most commercial and public applications.

Top Jamb Closers

The top jamb closer is different from the other styles here, in that they are not fitted to the side of the door, but onto the frame of the door. This means that they have to have a much longer arm than most, particularly when they are mounted high above the door. These types of automatic door closers have to be more powerful than usual, as the jamb is so far away, and they have no power from the swing of the door itself. However, they are commonly used in public buildings such as schools and colleges, since they have to be tough enough to survive young people pushing the door vigorously.