Options for Lighting a Basement Bar

  • Beginner

A basement bar is a great place to entertain, making it convenient to grab a soda or cocktail without having to run up and down the steps. With basements usually being darker than the rest of the house, it is important to have good lighting. Here are some ideas to have a well-lighted bar area.

1. Recessed Lighting

This is a good option if you have low ceilings in your basement because they give the feeling of height and make the room feel larger. Because they are literally mounted in the ceiling, they are not intrusive. Recessed lighting can also be put on a dimmer to set the mood for different occasions.

2. Pendant Lights

These lights are a good solution for illuminating the bar counter. They come with a single light, which hangs from the ceiling. Several can be installed over the bar in a straight line, and the number of lights you will need will depend on the length of your bar. They come in many designs to match your décor, and these also can be installed with a dimmer.

3. Back Wall Lighting

If you have a wall with shelves behind the bar, you will need to light the area up so you can see the items. A good choice for this area would be using a track lighting. With track lighting, you can point the lights to different spots or areas. They are very easy to install and come in strips with a choice of however many lights you will need on the track to cover the area. An alternative to these is wall lights, which you can install on either side of the back wall.

4. Swag Lights

Swag lights are the easiest of all to install. You just put a hook securely in the ceiling from where it will hang, attach the light to the hook, and plug it in. They come in different shapes, sizes, and price points. There are swag lights made for virtually every color scheme and design. These look especially nice placed at each end of the bar, and emit a lot of light.

5. Candle Lamps

These look just like a lamp that you would use in any room of your home, but they use candles instead of light bulbs. They are very versatile because you can change out the shades when you get tired of the design. They are inexpensive and last a while if you use pillar candles. These give soft illumination when placed across the bar top.

6. Underbar Lighting

The most convenient way of lighting under the bar is to add rope or tube lights. These can simply be hung under the bar and set to a dimmer switch. The stick-up lights also work well in this area and are an inexpensive option.

7. Party Lights

Party lights strung across your bar, be it the top, or bottom add whimsy and fun to your bar. They come in hearts, flowers, shamrocks, or just about anything you can imagine. These are a great way to decorate your bar for holidays and special occasions.