Organic Insecticide vs Synthetic Insecticide

Keeping your garden protected with an organic insecticide is a great way to control pests. Not only do the organic insecticides work well, but they are very safe for your family, pets, and plants. However, there are still many people who swear by synthetic insecticides. There are compelling cases for both, but choosing an insecticide must come down to a few simple factors.

Cost Per Use

Most organic insecticides can be made with items that you may already have. For instance, with water as the base, you can use Tabasco sauce, lime, or even some soap to make potent organic insecticides. These can cover a lot of ground and perform very well in protecting and treating your garden from pests. Organic pesticides are inexpensive, but they might not be feasible when you have acres of gardens.

Safe to Use

There is no doubt that the majority of synthetic insecticides create a danger to people and the environment. The chemicals that are used in these insecticides are very toxic and wreak havoc on the ground water, soil, animals, safe insects like bees, and even people.

Meanwhile, organic insecticides are quite safe for the environment and the plants. Of course, this does come with a caveat. You must be careful not to overuse any kind of insecticide. Too much of the organic insecticide, while not harmful to humans or animals, can be harmful to the plants.

Storage Problems

Synthetic insecticides can be tricky to store. Since the chemicals used are toxic, and sometimes unstable, you must take great care when storing them. Keeping them locked in a cabinet is the best option when you have small children and pets. However, you also must make sure that they do not get overheated or are exposed to a lot of moisture.

Organic insecticides are easier to store. Ideally, you should just make enough to use for one application. If you do have some left over, you can store them in your refrigerator.

Potential Harmful Mistakes

When using insecticides, there will be times when you might possibly get the chemicals on your skin or clothes. Synthetic insecticides can cause irritating rashes, and even burn your skin. They must be washed off immediately. Clothes that are exposed to the chemicals should be taken off and cleaned in a separate load of laundry.

You do not have to worry about this problem as much when using organic insecticides. Since the insecticide is made from regular products, they will not irritate your skin or clothes to the extent of synthetic. However, you should always be careful of your eyes and any open sores.

Organic or Synthetic

When it comes down to making the choice of organic or synthetic insecticides, you should take into account the use, and size of area. Organic will be much safer, but would be hard to make yourself for a large area.