Oriental Area Rug: Will Furniture Damage It?

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Your oriental area rug can sustain some damage from the weight of the furniture which sits atop of it. In order to keep your oriental rug looking new, make sure to take the following measures to protect your rug.

Protective Measures

There are many ways to guard your rug, but basically only three are considered important against possible damage by furniture. First, you can install padding or lining under the rug. This way, the weight of the furniture placed on top of the rug will be absorbed better and the typical depressions caused by heavy objects will be avoided.

You can also place coasters or boards between your rug and the furniture. By using coasters, you help distribute the weight of the objects on top of your rug. As a result, no part of your rug will be seriously pressed.

And finally, make it a point to switch the arrangement of your furniture once a year or every couple of years. If you cannot rotate your furniture arrangement, then simply change the position of the furniture legs or base by a few inches at least twice a year. This will help prevent the rug pile from being compressed for extended periods of time. The compression is what causes the damage to your rug.

Restorative Measures

As the years go by, your area rug will definitely show some signs of wear and tear. It is unavoidable to see that certain rug pile fibers have been pressed flat. To bring such fibers back to life, you can steam clean your rug. Also, after cleaning your rug, do not forget to dry it properly before putting it back on the floor. Clean and dry rugs appear to have more vivid designs. Besides, moisture can bring about all sorts of parasites that can damage the rug pile.