Oriental Rug On Carpet: Is a Rug Pad Necessary?

An oriental rug carpet can be difficult to keep in place without rug pads. Hence, a rug pad is necessary in order to prevent oriental rugs from slipping. On top of preserving the artful positioning of rugs, rug pads can also serve as safeguard against accidents and injuries.

Types of Rug Pads

There are different types of rug pads for different types of surfaces. Some pads have greater adhesive friction on concrete, while some are more applicable to wood surfaces. If you are putting your oriental rug on top of your carpet, you can also find special pads that can secure rugs on top of the carpet pile. Always make sure that the pad you use can work on the type of surface or flooring where you will put on the rug.

Other Uses for Rug Pads

On top of preventing you from tripping over your rug or keeping it from slipping, rug pads can also help in maintaining the beauty and quality of your oriental rug. Extra padding underneath your rug can cushion the weight of objects or furniture placed on top of it, effectively prolonging the life of your rug. Lastly, thick rug pads can also soften the rug and provide more comfort for you. Just remember that before attaching rug pads, make sure that you cut it according to rug size.