Oriental Rug Repair: How to Replace Fringe

Red oriental rug with fringe
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-150

Oriental rug repair can prolong the life of old rugs and make them look more attractive. One of the most important areas where repair or replacement might be required is the fringe. This part actually serves as protection for the entire body of the rug. A worn-out fringe can hasten the rug’s deterioration. Fortunately, there are easy ways to fix it.

Secure the Edges

Clamp or bind the rug fringe to secure the edges. This ensures that strands in the rug pile do not run loose as a new fringe is attached.

Attach a New Fringe

This is the most direct way of replacing the rug fringe. You can buy a new fringe and sew it on the damaged border. You do not even have to cut the old fringe away, just make sure though you do not use glue when attaching the new fringe.

Weave in New Yarn

This step is applicable if you have weaving skills. Weaving in a new fringe can be difficult, but this can be the most lasting and durable fix you can do to your rug. It will certainly look good too.