Original Design Ideas for Wainscoting Your Kitchen

Kitchen wainscoting adds new, fresh texture and helps break up the uniformity of long rows of cabinetry. Place your wainscoting finish above or below the chair rail. Try out any of these original design ideas proposed below for wainscoting your kitchen.

Put Texture and Color above the Chair Rail

Use tiny 2x2 tile, larger 8-inch square tile or textured wallpaper like grasscloth, bamboo or a rice paper finish all around the kitchen. Textured walls add interest and focus to your breakfast dining area. Form a tile mosaic artwork, or create a simpler pattern of checks, fine stripes or a Greek key border pattern at the chair rail with solid-colored tiles above it. Create framed rectangles on the wall with crown molding. Paint the molding a different color, or match the molding to the main wall and paint the centers a lighter or darker shade of the wall color. Fill the centers with a contrasting color for impact.

Add Wainscoting on the Lower Part of the Wall

To create a rustic country kitchen, panel the lower wall in recycled board a lighter or darker shade than your cabinet doors. Brighten dark cabinetry by installing fresh white beadboard on the lower wall section, and finish with a white chair rail.