Ornamental Perennial Grass Accents Flowers In Your Garden

ornamental grasses
  • 1-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-200

Perennial grass is a popular choice for many landscaping projects. Many of the varieties are very easy to care for, make great borders, and can be used in both live and dried flower arrangements. Ornamental grasses also bring out the beauty of the surrounding flowers. Here are a few of the most popular varieties of perennial grasses.

1. Big Bluestem

Big bluestem is a popular variety of grass that spreads slowly. This is a great ornamental grass for areas where you need to manage containment. The blades have a distinctive blue green color. It grows best in full sun, moist soil, and is tolerant of drought once it’s been established.

2. Spiralis

Spiralis is a very unique looking perennial grass that has gained popularity due to its character. The foliage takes on a corkscrew type look, with a twisted appearance. This grass doesn’t grow very lush, but will look great if thrown in with a wonderful centerpiece flower garden. It tolerates full sun to partial shade and needs shallow water in very hot climates.

3. Buffalo Grass

field of buffalo grass

Buffalo grass is an extremely common ornamental grass. It spreads moderately and works well for borders. The grass takes a grayish green color with narrow blades. It will sprout a few flowers from July through September. Buffalo grass needs full sun, and grows best in clay soil, but can tolerate sandy ground. It’s very tolerant of extreme heat and drought.

4. Morning Light

Morning light is a great grass for moderate climates. The foliage is a greenish white color, and flowers with pinkish red blooms from September through the first frost. It grows in clumps so it’s great to place in pots if you just want some accent pieces in your garden. Morning light requires full sun and ample water.

5. Mexican Feather Grass

This is a popular grass because it forms such a beautiful feathery bloom. It is also a clumping grass, which will do well in pots or as accents to your other flowers. The feathers will appear in June through August. Feather grass needs full sun and well drained soil.

6. Northern Sea Oat

ornamental grass in a raised bed

This is a highly decorative grass. The blades are wide and light green and the blooms that appear from June through July will have a wonderful reddish brown color to them. Northern Sea Oat needs full sun or shade in hot and dry climates. Once the grass has been established it is very drought tolerant.

7. Greybeard Grass

Graybeard grass is another highly decorative grass. The foliage is very wide and almost bamboo-like. The colors in the flowers will vary from a light yellow to a vibrant red. It does best in fertile soil and partial shade. It grows very well in hot and dry climates.

Adding any kind of ornamental perennial grass to your existing garden is a great way to draw attention to the other flowers. They offer a low maintenance way to spruce up your current landscape.