Ornaments Make Holiday Decorating a Family Affair

Dressing up your family's home for the holidays doesn't have to be a chore. As a parent or grandparent, you can choose a relaxed yet festive and engaging style that will appeal to younger children.

For generations, families have incorporated miniature Santa dolls, elves and reindeer into their holiday décor, creating story-time fantasy and wonder for youngsters. Today, people are going beyond tradition and using playful ornaments, such as friendly teddy bears and mystic creatures like dragons, to add a little whimsy to their homes - and in more places than just the Christmas tree!

Most holiday décor themes center on the tree, so start there and expand throughout the rest of the house. Rather than trimming your tree with popcorn or paper chains, select ornaments with vivid expressions that can be used year after year. Create a story using characters to engage the children in a creative and imaginative adventure. Let them add to the tale and offer insight as to the direction of the plot while placing the pieces throughout the tree.

Now that you have the kids' full attentions and their imaginative powers running, apply the concept to the rest of the house. Add ornaments to the wreath on your front door for a truly welcoming statement. You or your child can appoint a "stocking-sitter" by hanging an ornament on the same hook to look over the goodies and wait for Santa Claus.

Plus, ornament characters are usually the perfect size for adding some extra cheer to the mantel or side tables. Set them next to family portraits and nest them into merry centerpieces. Tie ornaments to napkin rings or ribbons to serve as a warm greeting to the feast. Also, you can use ornaments when decorating special presents and they make excellent hostess gifts when visiting friends or family.

Most importantly, be creative and involve the whole family. The holidays are the perfect time to make some magical memories and by using ornaments you can create a unique style that will appeal to multiple ages.

Take your holiday décor beyond the traditional sleigh and reindeer by adding some new, festive friends.

Courtesy of NAPSnet