Other Uses for a Used Decorative Wall Panel

Wall panels.

Decorative wall panels can help hide faulty walls and make a room look elegant. They can be an affordable way to add style while covering up walls that you don't want people to see. The fact that they're lightweight and easy to install makes them very popular. However, there are other benefits and uses for the panels that you may not have thought about. A few are listed below.

Reduce Noise

If you want to make a particular room in your home less noisy, a decorative wall panel is a great choice. Install one with fabric wrapped around it, and you'll not only reduce noise, but also reverberation. You can pick out your own fabric and do the upholstery yourself, or you can find ones that come with the fabric already attached.

Add Dimension

You can use decorative wall panels to add dimension to a room or fixture. For example, consider adding them to your bath to make it look deeper. A regular wall might make your bath look much smaller and plain. Decorative wall panels will give the illusion that it's bigger than it really is.

Extra Insulation

You may not care about decor. Perhaps you're looking for ways to insulate a room better. Wall panels can be used for that very purpose. A decorative wall panel will add style to the function of insulation, and since they can be fairly inexpensive, it makes sense to go with one that's decorated.

Avoid Tiles

If you want your bathroom to look like it has tiles, but don't want the expense that goes along with them try using decorative wall panels. There are panels, referred to as titled wall panels, available for purchase that looks as if you installed tiles. They're affordable and easy to put up in any room, including your kitchen. Glue it over existing walls, and your bathroom or kitchen will look brand new. The best thing about tiled wall panels is that they're resistant to mold. You won't have to worry about the moisture in your kitchen or bathroom affecting the panels over time.

Wall Reinforcement

Another use of decorative wall panels that gets overlooked, is to reinforce walls. If you have older walls that could use some reinforcement, then wall panels are an option. Some panels have a decorative wood finish that can give your room a classic look or the look and feel of your original walls.

There are a variety of styles, textures, and finishes for you to choose from when it comes to decorative wall panels. What you buy depends on the use of the panel and home decor. If your primary purpose is for a function, such as wall reinforcement or the reduction of noise, then it doesn't matter what panel style you select. However, if you want to decorate your home with the panels, then everything from the fabric to the texture of the panel will be important.