Our 8 Favorite DIY Apps

hands using smartphone over table with project materials

Apps are such an integral part of our lives since we practically live on our smartphones. Since we use apps to shop, stay connected with friends and family, and play games, it’s only natural that we also use apps to aid in DIY projects. With this calendar year has come an abundance of apps that make great additions to your DIY arsenal of tools and we’ve lined up all of our favorites below.

1. Handyman Calculator (iOS & Android)

Sometimes, DIY projects require quite a bit of calculation. From finding the square footage of a room to the amount of tiles you’ll need to complete a project, if you’re not a math person, this can be frustrating. That’s where Handyman Calculator comes into play. This app is capable of making unit conversions, calculating fractions, computing density, and dozens more calculations. This is a DIY must download.

2. RoOomy (iOS)

This app helps you up your interior design game. This app allows you to see how something will look in your own space before you commit to buying it. It’s fun to discover new decor trends and to virtually stage your own space on this app, as it creates a 3D rendering for you to view once you pick out items you want to try.

3. Home Outside (iOS)

landscaping app on tablet and phone

This iPhone app is perfect for getting your outdoor landscaping right. The app features 700 hand-drawn elements that you can use to plan out your yard and landscaping design. From decks to firepits to flower beds, you can swap these out time and time again until you’re ready to make the plan a reality.

4. Smart Tools (Android)

Available on Android only, this is an all-in-one for avid DIYers when it comes to virtual tools. This app features digital versions of six commonly used tools: a ruler, a measure, a GPS enabled compass, a sound meter, a flashlight, and a unit converter. It’s so convenient to have all of these items in one central spot that it’ll quickly become one of your most-used apps.

5. Photo Measure (iOS & Android)

Another handy measuring app for both iPhones and Androids is Photo Measure. This is a paid app, but worth the cost in our opinion. The app allows you to take photos of a space with your smartphone and then provides you with color-coded measurements, angles, and notes. Especially for those who perform an abundance of DIY projects in your home, this is a must-have.

6. Paint Tester (iOS & Android)

app for comparing paint colors on tablet and phone

Painting is a simple and common home improvement project, which makes Paint Tester a useful app to have on hand. Choosing paint colors for a wall can be a daunting task, but this app takes the guesswork out of it. Using augmented reality, you can get an idea of how different palettes and colors would look in your space. The app uses your device’s camera to project what the colors will look like on your walls. Furthermore, if you have a paint swatch taped to a wall, the app will expand the color onto the entirety of the wall on your phone so you can get a better idea of how it’ll look.

7. The Woodshop Widget (iOS)

This iOS app is great for anyone who works with wood frequently. It’s a paid app that provides useful calculators and converters. The app also provides estimates on different species of wood that could grow or shrink in different environmental conditions.

8. Smart Plant (Android)

For anyone who loves gardening or even tending to indoor plants, Smart Plant is the app for you. The app has the capability to create customized reminders regarding your garden and can help identify plants and give helpful tips detailing how to care for what you’re growing.

There are so many DIY apps out there that it can be tough to narrow down which are right for you. This guide is some of the best on the market to help you get all your DIY projects done.