Outdoor Garden Storage: 4 Types of Storage Units to Keep Your Garden Supplies Organized

Outdoor garden storage units can help keep your garden supplies easily accessible and organized. There are a number of types of storage units that you can use outdoors for garden storage, including those listed below.

1. Mobile Storage Units

A popular method of outdoor garden storage is the mobile storage unit offered by storage and moving companies. You pay a monthly rental fee, but you won't have to do anything yourself to set up the unit. The company will bring the storage unit directly to your yard and you'll be able to count on a sturdy, convenient storage unit for the entire gardening season. When you're finished gardening for the year, you can call up the storage or moving company and they can move the storage unit back to their facilities. You can continue to store your gardening supplies in the unit at their facility (which is sometimes a cheaper monthly fee) during the winter season and can call for the unit to be transported back to your backyard in the spring.

2. Portable Shed

A bit less sturdy than some of the other outdoor garden storage units—but highly convenient—is the portable shed. Typically made from a tough fabric-material such as vinyl, the portable shed can be flattened to a fraction of its size when not in use. Portable sheds come in a variety of sizes—some are even large enough to cover cars—so you're sure to find one large enough for your supplies. They're also highly convenient if you want to move your storage unit around the yard or protect your gardening supplies should you take them to a friend's home. However, they are usually not lockable and may not withstand harsh weather as well as other options.

3. Plastic Tool or Gardening Sheds

Typically pre-assembled and somewhat sturdy, the plastic tool shed can act as an outdoor garden storage unit. With shelves and hooks for tools, the basic tool or gardening shed makes organization simple. These tool sheds are usually lockable. Once filled with tools, these sheds are typically quite sturdy, but there is the chance that a strong wind can knock them over, especially if they're not filled with much. If you opt for the plastic tool shed, you may want to look into fastening the shed to a pole or against a post in the ground. Don't worry that the plastic tool or gardening shed won't last long, however; plastic tool sheds last an average of ten years outdoors.

4. Steel Tool or Gardening Sheds

If you're looking for a sturdier type of outdoor garden storage unit than the plastic variety, a steel tool or gardening shed may be what you need. Like the plastic variety, a steel shed is usually lockable and is often equipped with shelving and hooks for easy organization. The difference is that it may require some assembly. However, the unit will be heavier, more permanent and able to better withstand the effects of inclement weather. On average, a steel tool or gardening shed can last thirty years before it needs to be replaced.