Outdoor Grill Cover Materials Explained

Grill covers are designed to protect the outdoor grill from the elements. Grill covers can be bought in a variety of sizes to fit any type of outdoor grill, and will defend the elements against dust, rain, dirt, and insects.

Grill Cover Materials

Outdoor grill covers come in a variety of materials, but some, such as cloth covers, are not suitable for wet or wintry weather. The best covers for outdoor grills are made from vinyl or plastic, as they offer a tough material against rough weather.

Water resistance is an important feature of any material used to cover outdoor grills. Finding covers with elastic hemming assists the cover in defending the outdoor grill against rain and storms.

Polyester covers can be found in a variety of colours and patterns. The outdoor grill owner who wants a chili pepper cover, or one with a banana leaf designs can purchase one in the required sizes or shapes.

The Lining

The inside lining of the outdoor grill cover is where the strength of the cover lies. Many outdoor grill covers use fleece, which ensures warmth and a stiffened cover, but also attracts rats and insects, may suffer mildew or mould, and may fall apart after a short time.