Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Trends

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When entertaining guests, you probably often want to take them outdoors into your yard to socialize. Whether it be at a barbecue, pool party, or evening dinner, there's something about the fresh air that is so inviting. But sometimes your outdoor space needs a little something to give it that trendy look you exude in the rest of your home. Here are a few items that are hot right now in outdoor entertaining.

Hang String Lights

One hot trend that seems to be around for the long run is string lighting. While you can go with the standard twinkle light variety, Edison bulbs are especially popular right now. String them through trees or add them to your porch for a fun and festive feel. Plus, you gain lighting for your nighttime events.

Construct an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace in a backyard patio with chairs in front of it.

Bring the coziness of your home outside with the addition of a outdoor fireplace. You can keep your dinner guests entertained with the flicker of a fire, and give them a place to gather while spending the evenings chatting around your new statement piece. Depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can build the fireplace of either brick or stone. Just remember that the materials you choose will set the tone for your area.

Install Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a perfect choice for your outdoor countertops. Not only is it durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather, but it can also be styled to go with the rest of your space. Concrete can look like stone, marble, or can even be dyed bright colors. The finishing on concrete can make it very shiny, or you can keep it rough. However you decide to style it, concrete is on trend right now and ideal for outdoor entertaining.

Try Tasteful Curtains

A patio with a dining set and white curtains.

For an elegant dining experience, bring the resort feel to your home with outdoor curtains. You can easily attach the curtains along the edge of your patio or pergola. Light colored curtains will give it a Grecian feel, while colored curtains can add a little zest to your space. You can also play with the opacity of the fabric depending on if you want them for privacy or just looks. Curtains will be especially nice on days when you have a light breeze to make them sway.

Hang a Chandelier

Outdoor chandeliers are so on trend, especially at weddings. But why not add one to your own backyard? If you're thinking crystal doesn't fit your aesthetic, there are plenty of nontraditional options, such as rustic boxed chandeliers or geometric metal shapes. Lighting is so crucial to the ambience of your outdoor area, so take advantage of something you need no matter what, and make it stylish.

Throw Down a Homey Rug

An outdoor seating area under trees with a black and white rug and cushions.

Rugs don't have to be just an interior design element. A rug can bring about warmth and coziness to your outdoor space. However, make sure you choose one that can withstand harsh weather conditions and wear. If you choose a rug that fits your space and goes well with your decor, it can truly make your dining area more inviting.

Build Pallet Furniture

Pallets can be made into just about anything and can usually be found for free. Not only that, but they're easily stacked and make great bones for outdoor furniture. Just arrange them as you desire and add some large cushions and pillows for comfortable seating in your outdoor area.