Outdoor Smart Home Devices

a robot lawn mower

The pride you take in your home is evident, from the added curb appeal outside to the finishing touches on your new floors inside. You’ve installed smart devices like a water leak detector and home security. Now you’re ready for that lawn party to bring neighbors and friends into the home you’ve worked so hard to create.

Before you send out the invites, take a look outside and make sure you’ve got everything just right. How’s the grass? Are you grill-ready? Is the pool set for summer splashing? If you still need a little help in those departments, here are some ways you can bring smart home technology to your outdoor space to complete the look before the upcoming home showcase.

Smart Lawn Care Devices

Smart Sprinkler System - When summer heats up, lawn maintenance is not at the top of most people’s minds, but unless you’ve got a xeriscaped yard, you’ll have to invest some time in watering during the hotter months. Consider a smart sprinkler system to keep those thirsty plants hydrated.

Installing one requires switching the current controller to one of the smart designs, but once the app is on your phone, you’re set for virtually hands free lawn irrigation. You can establish a watering schedule, turn sprinklers on and off, and depending on the model, monitor the weather so you don’t waste water when it’s raining. Integrate it with your smart home hub and you can enable voice controls for added versatility.

Robotic Lawn Mowers - They're expensive, but you’re paying for the convenience of not having to work under the hot sun. If you’ve opted for a moss or wildflower lawn, or a rolling meadow that attracts insects and wildlife, that’s fantastic! Feel free to skip to the next section.

If not, and if you don’t have a gardener or neighborhood kid to take care of it for you, it might be worth shelling out the dough just so you can relax on a lounge chair while the lawn robot does its job.

robot lawn mower near a woman on a chair

Robotic lawn mowers require an investment in time during initial set up to program settings and establish a perimeter for boundaries. The size and slope of your yard will also dictate the model that is right for you, since not all devices have the same capabilities. Keep the condition of your yard in mind—low spots could potentially leave your robot with its wheels spinning.

Smart Devices for Entertaining on the Deck

Smart Thermometers - Take the guesswork out of knowing when that steak is done with a wired probe inserted into the meat. Smart thermometers monitor the temperature on a screen that sits outside the grill. Download the app to your phone so you can keep mixing drinks until you get an alert that tells you when the desired temp has been reached.

Smart Coolers - Perhaps you remember that bulky, old-school cooler your family always brought on beach trips. When a genius added wheels and drink holders to the lid, it made life so much easier—cutting out the need for a second person to help you tote it, and the worry that your soda would get knocked off when you set it on top.

The latest editions up the game with bluetooth speakers and charger plugs that let you play your tunes and power up your devices, setting you up for long relaxing sessions at the beach, on the deck, or at the park. Now the only thing you need is a bathroom…

Waterproof Speakers - So, maybe the cooler is a bit extravagant for your tastes, and you’re reluctant to toss out the one you’ve had since you were a kid. That’s understandable and even commendable. Why throw away something that still works?

Still, you need tunes to get grooving outside, and a waterproof speaker is a perfect addition to the smart outdoors. Waterproof against a fall in the pool, accidentally being left out in the rain, or the odd random spill, these devices are wireless and available in a variety of styles and prices that allow you to connect to your music for your outdoor dance party.

Smart Pool Devices

Pool Monitors - Safety is an important part of summer fun, so monitoring water quality and pool activity are a must. There are many monitors on the market from which to choose. Apps that allow you to keep track of water chemistry can save time during your busy summer schedule by eliminating time spent testing pH and letting you know what is needed to get it in balance.

a hand lowers a pool cleaning robot into a pool

Robotic Pool Cleaner - Monitoring water quality is only one part of pool maintenance. You’ve also got to clean it. A pool cleaning service is nice to have, but why not automate the whole process? Enter the robotic pool cleaner—choose from a range of options to fit your budget and your type of pool. If you get one you can program from your phone, you'll have the added bonus of staying dry until you’re ready to jump in.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Smart Light Controllers - These are great for enhancing safety, and the ability to turn everything on and off from your phone is a convenience you’ll appreciate when you’ve forgotten to take care of a light or two before heading upstairs to bed.

Floodlight Cam - A motion activated camera/floodlight combination can monitor the goings on in your yard at night, both spooking and recording any intruders.

Multi-Color Dance Lights - There are battery powered, portable designs, and even models that can be set to the rhythm of the music playing in the background. Your backyard night club is ready to rock. No more 70’s strobe lights—unless you prefer them. The retro theme is nice, too.

Get ready, get set, and go! Add these outdoor smart devices to showcase your home this summer season. The added value and fun will keep family and friends entertained, and make your house the most popular on the block.