Outdoor Storage Cabinet Buying Guide

An outdoor storage cabinet of some type can help busy families with children keep their household clutter from following them outside to the garden or porch. With the great number of styles and materials available in outdoor storage cabinets, assess what you need before buying. This guide will give you plenty of tips about size, function and whether you need a waterproof outdoor storage cabinet.

Decide What You Want to Store Outside

For garden tools, choose a low waterproof plastic storage cabinet with a hinged lid that is easy to keep clean. Keep outdoor toys for your children in a similar cabinet if it will be out in the backyard or near a pool. If you keep it on the porch, a wooden storage cabinet with a sloped lid, that little fingers can easily lift, will work well.  Avoid a tall cabinet that can tip over if your children try to climb it to reach the top shelf.

Is Waterproof Storage Important?

Many waterproof outdoor storage cabinets are now made from various plastics and strong flexible resins. Older styles were aluminum, sheathed in wood or wicker. Do not use the aluminum types to store metal garden or carpentry tools, as they may corrode from exposure to the aluminum. Keep these items in sheltered storage under a carport, porch, veranda or garden awning.
Always use a large plastic outdoor cabinet with a flip-top or snap-down lid for anything you keep by the pool. Its contents will stay dry from both rainy weather and boisterous splashing, and you can put the pool toys away when they are still wet.

Storage in Tight Spaces

If you have barely enough room on your patio for the barbecue grill and a table, consider outdoor bench storage cabinets. They provide ample seating and hideaway storage. Another versatile choice is the outdoor kitchen cabinet, with a countertop, doors and drawers. Put all your grilling tools, and even the outdoor plates and cutlery, in this handy unit. If you use a gas grill, build in storage cabinetry under it for all your outdoor cooking needs. You can have these in conventional cabinet materials like wood or finished particleboard, or in trendy, weather-friendly stainless steel. Make an outdoor cooler by lining a cabinet section with Styrofoam or other insulation.

Decorative Storage

On a deck or patio, mix in outdoor storage cabinets made of the same materials as your furniture. A wide range of storage options now come in bamboo, wicker and wrought iron. Redwood and cedar bench cabinets, with an all-weather fabric cushion set atop to use as seating or an ottoman, look handsome on the patio, gazebo or deck. Other woods suitable for outdoor storage are ash and teak.

Other Considerations

Be sure that all outdoor storage cabinets have snug-fitting lids and doors, to prevent unwanted garden pests from creeping, slipping or flying in.  Cabinets should be sturdy and heavy enough to stay put in windy weather.


You will find outdoor storage cabinets in every price range, from $20 for a 60-quart capacity box to beautiful decorative cabinets at $100 and up.