Paint a Porch Floor: 4 Tips

If you intend to paint your porch floor, you will have to prepare with the needed supplies and you should follow a few steps.

1. Clean the Area

The area must be cleaned prior to applying the paint, to remove debris, dust or possibly paint. If you are removing paint, don’t use a paint thinner, as this will damage the quality of the wood; instead, use a paint scraper.

2. Use a Power Sander

Before you paint the porch floor, you will have to use a sander or sandpaper to make the area ready for the application of paint.

Use a power sander to reduce the time you spend on this activity.

3. Allow Porch to Dry

Prior to applying the paint, you should wash to porch. Allow the porch to dry for up to 3 days, to ensure the wood is not prone to decay underneath the paint.

4. Add Citronella to Paint

The paint will attract bugs and flies, especially if you use a lighter color. To prevent the occurrence of bugs and flies that could destroy the appearance of your freshly painted porch, you can add 10 ml of citronella to the paint you use. The smell of citronella will act as a repellent.