Paint Trends of 2018

Someone standing on a ladder painting a wall pink.

The paint trends of 2022 offer up a myriad of possibilities to add new depth to your home. Since 2016’s wash of white, color has slowly been moving towards the bolder side of things, flirting with darker hues and deeper tones while continuing to add a few neutrals in the mix (millennial pink, anyone?). This year, bold colors are trailblazing a color revolution—think deep indigos, velvety purples and even black! This brave new world of color, however, is not without a few neutrals balancing things out to create a harmonious mood, so choosing a color will ultimately depend on your state of mind.

Pantone's Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

A purple modern kitchen.

Pantone’s color of the year defines interior design trends in a big way and this year they’ve chosen the ultra-vivacious, Ultra Violet (18-3838). Imagine the velvety jackets of Prince, Jimi Hendrix’s head-scarves, or the regal accessories of the Queen of England. Purple surely invokes a sense of royalty, rock star or not, but the people at Pantone point to its calming vibes as its most redeeming feature, stating on their website: “The color is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world.”

The Dark Side

A room painted with chalkboard paint.

All-black rooms or black tones mixed and paired with these dashing purples and formidable blues is another daring adventure by designers this year. Though not for the faint of heart, black walls and furniture placed strategically can add an unmistakably brazen yet beautiful touch to any room. As always, one must consider light sources, as these will affect the way a dark room comes across. Furnishings and fabrics will also influence the way deep colors are felt: furniture and accent pieces like throw pillows and glassware that are light in contrast will offset the potential bleakness of shadowy hues. On the other hand, some designers are experimenting with dark on dark. Consider an indigo-infused black for walls like PPG Paints color of the year Black Flame (PPG1043-7), and accessorizing with black lamps or chandeliers for a stunning approach.

A Green Neutral

A row of small cacti in front of a sage green wall.

Bringing it down a notch are the playful and meditative neutrals of 2018. Sage has been predicted to be the hottest color of the year, neutral or not. This soft grayish-green is inspired by nature, and while it’s not as vibrant as Pantone’s 2017 “Greenery,” that doesn’t mean it’s boring. This neutral is being used where white once was in kitchen cabinetry and bathroom walls, making it an unexpected and fun way to use a muted color. It’s also very versatile and can be paired beautifully with mid-century furniture like teak chairs as well as darker woods and farm house harvest tables.

Another exciting yet relaxing neutral to consider is BEHR’s 2018 color of the year, “In the Moment.” With undertones of blue, gray, and olive, it has a lot in common with sage but gives another option for those who want a natural, serene space. A popular pastel from 2017 that has been getting a makeover this year is pink. Pantone predicts that the highly feminized color is transforming itself into a more confident and assertive version of its previous self. Gone will be the gendered connotations that pink have entailed, as we break free from past "rules." Look for a bolder form of blush like Graham & Brown's 2018 pick “Penelope.”

As evidenced with these calming neutrals, the need for color that emits natural tranquility endures, but so will freedom of expression and the embracing of progress. Feel free to be daring this year, as we enter a new age of color and all of its exciting possibilities. 2018 brings us refreshing and innovative options to add peace, love, and understanding in an ever-changing world.