Painted Concrete Floor Designs

Concrete painting

A painted concrete floor can enhance the look and design of a room, garage, or outdoor space. It can also protect the surface of the floor. Bear in mind what you want to achieve and follow a plan to help you to create your desired finish.


A garage floor is a great place for a stencil of the logo of your favorite make of vehicle. This process can be undertaken with acid stain after drawing the outline onto the surface with the help of the stencil. After the stain has dried, seal it in and protect it by applying an acrylic-based sealant.

Color Chips

Rather than using a single color for your painted concrete floor design, create an impact with the addition of color chips. Whether the paint flakes are simply a contrasting color or have a gold or silver effect to catch the light, using these as part of a painted floor design can result in a lovely floor. Paint flecks or a sand additive will also help the floor from becoming too slick.


Form a border around the edge of the floor, whether you intend to retain the existing concrete floor or paint the entire space before adding a border. A subtle effect can be created by using similar colors or a greater impact can be made with contrasting colors. The style of border can be created according to your desire and will give you an opportunity to use your artistic talents if you are not keen on a straight border. Additional small designs can be added to create a bigger impact.

Brick Effect

By applying an appropriate color stain to the entire surface before using a straightedge to paint on lines in a contrasting color, you can create a painted concrete floor with a brick effect. Stain would be the best option to choose to ensure that the effect is similar to real bricks. After the paintwork is complete, the entire design can be protected with sealant.

Granite Effect

Applying some quartz particles to the surface of the painted concrete floor will give it the look of granite. Evenly spread the particles before the floor is fixed and sealed with an appropriate top coat.

Marble Effect

Using high shine finishes over paints can help you to create a marble effect. This can be done by painting the entire floor surface before adding a random swirled pattern on top of this. It can then be sealed with a polyurethane-based solution to ensure a durable and high shine finish that resembles marble.