Painting a Brick Fireplace: Choosing a Paint

If you plan on painting a brick fireplace in the near future, you'll need to make a point of choosing the right type of paint. After a few factors have been taken into consideration, you'll find that choosing a suitable paint can be a stress-free undertaking.

How Well Does the Paint Mesh With Your Surroundings?

Before painting your brick fireplace, you'll need to choose a suitable paint color. When selecting a color, take a good, long look around the room that houses your fireplace. Specifically, look at the decor and carefully consider what type of color is liable to go well with it. If the room doesn't feature any sort of comprehensive decor scheme, you can use the color of your blinds, rugs or furniture as a reference point. In fact, matching your paint color to one of the aforementioned items may mark the beginning of a larger aesthetic theme in that particular room.

What Type of Paint Should I Use?

Once you've decided on a suitable paint color, you may be wondering what type of paint is best for the job. When it comes to painting brick fireplaces, high end latex paint is essentially the standard. If applied properly, latex paint can be very durable and have an extensive lifespan.