Painting a Child's Rocking Chair: 3 Design Ideas

Nothing is cuter than a child's rocking chair and they love having their own special chair. To make it even more special, you can paint it to match your child's room or their personal favorite color. Here are a few paint design ideas.

1.  Stain

To give your child's rocking chair the look and feel of the grown up version, apply stain. If your child's rocking chair has no finish on it, this will be easy. If it does have a finish on it, you will have to use a liquid stripper to remove the old finish before staining. Either way, you will want to sand it gently with sandpaper to smooth the surface and then clean it well with a tack cloth to remove residue. Apply the stain, let it dry, and then apply a coat of clear coat to make it shiny and keep it protected from dings.

2. Crackle

If you crackle the rocking chair, it will give an aged look of an old family heirloom. You can use any combination of colors you wish, but keep in mind that the more contrast in the two colors the better the result. You will need to apply a base coat which will show through the cracks, and let it dry. Next apply crackle medium and allow it to dry. Top this off with your top coat of paint. As it dries you will see the crackle effect start to happen. When finished, spray a coat of clear coat on it to seal the finish.

3. Primary Colors

Using the primary colors of red, green, blue and yellow, paint different parts of the chair. For instance, paint the seat red, the back rails blue, the legs yellow, and the arms green. Besides being a bright addition to their room, this will also help your child learn the colors.