Painting a Concrete Porch

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What You'll Need
Broom with stiff bristles or scrub brush
Shop vacuum
Pressure washer
Concrete cleaner
Mild muriatic acid
Breathing mask
Protective clothing
Concrete sealant
Paint roller pan
Two paint rollers
Concrete paint
Adequate ventilation in the work area

The look and feel of a concrete porch can often be improved by simply applying a coat of paint. In order to properly paint a concrete porch or any other form of concrete, there are some important steps you must take.

Step 1 – Sweep to Remove Debris

A shop vacuum or a broom can take care of any loose dirt and debris on the porch. This is important because failing to do this can lead to objects flying when pressure washing, which could potentially cause damage.

Step 2 – Pressure Wash

Use a pressure washer set at 3000 PSI to carefully wash the entire patio. Pay special attention to anywhere which appears to have stains.

Step 3 – Scrub the Porch Clean

Use a concrete cleaning chemical or standard detergent and a stiff bristle broom or a scrub brush to thoroughly scrub the porch off next. If you notice any stains, especially stains which may be oil, scrub these thoroughly until the stain appears to be coming up.

Step 4- Pressure Wash to Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the chemicals from the deck using the pressure washer again, still set at 3000 PSI.

Step 5 – Use Muriatic Acid

Inspect the concrete thoroughly. If it appears to be well-cleaned then this step is not necessary. If you notice any areas that still appear to be stained then use muriatic acid to clean the concrete one more time. While working with the muriatic acid it is important to wear goggles, a breathing mask, heavy rubber gloves, and protective clothing to prevent injury. Dilute the muriatic acid with the proper amount of water and then scrub it into the concrete. Use the pressure washer one final time to completely rinse the surface.

Step 6 – Allow to Dry

Allow the patio to dry completely. The length of time necessary will vary somewhat depending on your climate but typically it should take around 24 hours.

Step 7 – Apply a Sealant

Pour some concrete sealant into a paint roller pan. Roll the sealant out over the entire area with a paint roller, using back and forth motions over the entire deck until it is complete. Remember to keep the sealant layer thin because it will prevent bubbling. Allow the sealant to dry completely before moving on.

Step 8 – Apply Paint

Pour some concrete paint into a roller pan next and use your other roller to coat the patio in color. Do not try to finish the job in one coat. It will almost always be necessary to apply two to three coats of paint while letting the surface dry for two to four hours between each. Use a smooth back and forth motion while applying the paint and then use your paintbrush to trim around the edges that are against walls.

Step 9 – Apply a Second Coat of Sealant

Use the same roller you used previously for the first layer of sealant to apply a second coat over the paint. This will help to prevent water from seeping through, and it will also reduce sun damage. Allow the patio to dry for at least 24 hours before walking on it.