Painting a Guitar Pickup: A How-To Guide

What You'll Need
Fine Artist's Brush
2 Clean Soft Cloths
Artist's Acrylic Paint

Painting your guitar pickup can give a unique look to your guitar. Follow the simple steps below to paint your own guitar pick up to professional standards, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Step 1 - Prime Your Brush

First, you will need to make sure the brush you are using has been primed using a little white spirit. This will soften the fibers of the brush and remove any dirt that may already be on it. 

Step 2 - Clean the Pickup

Before you paint any part of the guitar, clean it with a soft cloth, making sure there is no sticky residue or dust left on the pickup from general use. If you don't clean the pick up properly, the paint will dry unevenly. 

Step 3 - Paint the Pickup

Paint with artist's acrylic paint, which is incredibly flexible, even when it is dry. It is also long lasting and will give a good finish. Unlike many specialist guitar paints, it is also relatively inexpensive to purchase. 

Step 4 - Polishing the Pickup

Once the paint on the guitar pickup has dried, you should polish it using a soft clean cloth. This will give the pickup a good finish.