Painting a Wall Border without Tape

What You'll Need
Coveralls, gloves, mask
Ruler and measuring tape
Acrylic paint / spray paint
Stencil/ cookie cutters

Painting a wall border is often done using masking tape or painter's tape. However, tape contains adhesive that may cause you to pull the paint off the wall when you remove it. To be safe, you can use a different method that will not involve any masking tape. You may paint a straight line or free form borders.

Step 1 – Prepare for Painting

Get your supplies and wear coveralls to protect your clothes. You may also wear gloves or a protective mask. If possible, keep the windows open so that you won’t have to inhale the chemicals. The paint will also dry faster if the windows are open.

Step 2 -- Draw a Line on Wall

Draw a straight line on the wall. Measure a point starting from the floor or the top of the wall. Use a level and a long ruler to draw the line. The line may be at various heights depending on how you plan to paint your wall border. If you want to paint a straight line, you will need to draw 2 parallel straight lines, which will be the bottom and the top of the wall border. If you use a stencil, the line will be at the bottom of the stencil. If you plan to use cookie cutters, stamps or other designs, you should mark the wall with chalk (which can be removed) and use this mark as a guide.

Step 3 – Prepare the Paint

Mix the paint. If you need to combine colors, you will need a palette, which may be a plastic plate or a plastic lid.

Step 4 -- Apply the Paint

When you apply the paint, the technique will vary according to what you intend to do with the wall border.

If you want a straight wall border, you will have to perform slow and careful brush strokes, making sure to respect the top and bottom lines you have drawn. You may leave a bit of space that you may correct later, but make sure never to go outside the drawn lines. Make sure your paintbrush is not dripping, as this will damage the rest of the wall. If the paintbrush is dripping, this means that it has too much color, so remove a bit of color.

When you are done, check the line and using a smaller paintbrush, you may fill in any uncolored areas between the 2 guiding lines.  You may also use spray paint to make any corrections.

If you choose to use a stencil or other methods, skip this step.

Step 5 – Decorate the Wall Border

If you don’t want a straight line as your wall border, you can choose various techniques you can use. You may use a stencil, which you can apply on the wall and trace the edges using a small paintbrush. Fill the shape with a larger paintbrush or spray paint.

If you use stamps, apply the paint on these and press on the wall, repeating as many times you want to finish the wall border.